Together, we will build a curated library of accurate, machine-readable disease annotations for differential diagnosis software.

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The project…

Differential diagnosis software relies on machine-readable, high-quality phenotype annotations to make accurate predictions. However, all this phenotypic data is scattered across the literature. We can get at them through text mining and crowdsourcing. The former has resulted in large libraries of annotations. The problem is, for many diseases, they are incomplete. So, we have built Phenotate as a crowdsourcing platform to improve these annotation libraries with the participation of our users.

…for everyone

We want anyone to be able to easily contribute annotations. To that end, Phenotate is designed to be used by everyone, from students to experts. Let us know what you do by clicking on an option on the right, and we'll tell you how you can use Phenotate to your advantage. That's right, Phenotate is a mutually beneficial project that can even help you with what you do!


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